2018 Holiday Wish List


To say that 2018 did not go according to plan would be quite an understatement. I’ll share more in the future about the medical issue that sidelined me this year. Just know that I’ll be ok!

I always enjoy holiday shopping for my family, but lately I have been SO tempted with sales for the dogs too!

What I broke down and bought for myself:

Animal Biome’s MicroBiome Test Kit. These are currently Buy One Get One Free! (Ends 12/20/18) I’ve learned so much about gut health in the past few years and I think this is a fascinating way to learn more about your dog’s microbiome. I look forward to sharing with you what I learn about Neno and Penny in the future.

What I need to do:

Allergy Testing for Neno. We learned so much useful info from Penny’s allergy testing done through our holistic vet using the Spectrum Spot Allergy Report. However, the holistic vet we use is an hour away from our house and Neno really doesn’t like being in the car, so I’ve been looking at options we can do on our own from home.

I really want to do the Nutriscan from Dr. Dodds of Hemopet. I like that this uses a saliva sample (so I don’t have to try to get a blood sample from my dog) and there’s so much helpful info on the Nutriscan website. This looks like a pricey but solid investment.

I’ve also been looking at the Pet Wellness Life Stress Scan from Glacier Peak Holistics. This one is a little easier on the wallet and requires both a saliva and a hair sample.

What I’m REALLY tempted by:

Fido’s Flora from Adored Beast Apothecary. This product is being touted as the only probiotic product from canine strain probiotics. Right now, this appears to only be available for order through the Dogs Naturally store. I’m so curious to see if this would help Penny and especially, Neno.

Gift Ideas for the Holistic Dog Mom in your life:

Want to learn more about Essential Oils for Animals? Dr. Melissa Shelton’s Animal Desk Reference II is an amazing resource!

You can’t go wrong with a subscription to Dogs Naturally Magazine. Whether you are just starting to learn more about holistically supporting your dog’s health or if you are currently milking your goat for your dog’s dinner, this publication is for everyone.

One of the ideas that I love for keeping our dogs healthy, especially as they age, is keeping a dog health journal. I’ll share more about this in the future, but this can be so important if you are trying a new food or supplement regimen for your pup. While you can do this digitally or in a spiral notebook, Dr. Christina Chambreau’s Healthy Animal Journal is filled with tips and makes for a beautiful gift.

What’s on your wish list?

Happy Holidays from the Holistic Dog Mom Family!
Thanks to Photos by Ashley for our 2018 family portrait.

Please note that I am so new to blogging that I am not an affiliate with any companies.