About me

Family Portrait, March 2013 Erin, Tim, Lucy, Kahlua

Family Portrait, March 2013
Erin, Tim, Lucy, Kahlua

Who Am I? My name is Erin and I’m a full-time working Dog Mom. I live in the suburbs of Baltimore with my husband, Tim, and our 2 rescued pit bulls Penny and Neno.

Confession: I have not always been an Holistic Dog Mom. I didn’t even know I liked dogs until my husband and I adopted our first dog, Lucy, when I was 25.  I fell in love with Lucy so much that the following year, we adopted Kahlua. Those girls will always a special and HUGE place in my heart. I owed it to them to help them live their healthiest & best lives possible for all the love and joy they brought to Tim and I.

This is where my passion started and now I have the opportunity through Holistic Dog Mom to share, inspire, motivate and encourage dog parents everywhere. It’s time for our dogs to start living better!

 My Path To Becoming An Holistic Dog Mom
Do you remember the Pet Food Recall of 2007?  This was the first time I realized I needed to change how I was caring for our Old Girls and the first time I became aware of the problems with “Big Dog Food.” I was panicked about making the wrong choices and began to spend all my free time researching dog food ingredients and quality. I switched to feeding Lucy & Kahlua the highest-quality food we could afford and supplemented by adding eggs, olive oil and yogurt to their meals.

In 2008, I started volunteering with a local nonprofit organization, B-More Dog, and met some amazing Dog Moms. This was the first time I was introduced to the idea of a raw diet or BARF diet for dogs.

Getting Older
As Lucy & Kahlua got older, they faced more health challenges and I continued to research options for their care. Everything from the benefits of milk thistle to non-surgical alternatives for treating a ruptured CCL to acupuncture and everything in between. I’ve taken numerous classes, emailed with veterinarians all over the world when Lucy was sick with a rare illness and I’ve even been attuned to perform reiki for animals. I’m so grateful for this journey. And I’ve learned so much!

Lucy and Kahlua both passed away in 2015. Since that time, I have remained active in the online forums for the health issues I’ve learned so much about. I love to connect people to resources and share information that will help them help their dog!

Tim & I have now welcomed Penny and Neno into our hearts and our home. With these dogs, we’ve faced new and different health and behavior challenges. My learning is never finished!

Other Interests
When I’m not working, walking the dogs or volunteering with B-More Dog, I enjoy reading anything I can get my hands on. I also enjoy true crime tv shows & podcasts. I'm a big rock music & ‘90s hip-hop fan. I enjoy seeing live music, whether it's a friend's band at a local bar, Guns N' Roses, or an obscure band from the '90s.

Family Portrait, Christmas 2017 Tim, Neno, Erin, Penny  Photos by Ashley

Family Portrait, Christmas 2017
Tim, Neno, Erin, Penny
Photos by Ashley